Lizard Radio

Lizard Radio


Fifteen-year-old Kivali has never fit in. As a girl in boys’ clothes, she is accepted by neither tribe, bullied by both. What are you? they ask. Abandoned as a baby wrapped in a T-shirt with an image of a lizard on the front, Kivali found a home with nonconformist artist Sheila. Is it true what Sheila says, that Kivali was left by a mysterious race of saurians and that she’ll one day save the world? Kivali doesn’t think so. But if it is true, why has Sheila sent her off to CropCamp, with its schedules and regs and what feels like indoctrination into a gov-controlled society Kivali isn’t sure has good intentions?

But life at CropCamp isn’t all bad. Kivali loves being outdoors and working in the fields. And for the first time, she has real friends: sweet, innocent Rasta; loyal Emmett; fierce, quiet Nona. And then there’s Sully. The feelings that explode inside Kivali whenever Sully is near—whenever they touch—are unlike anything she’s experienced, exhilarating and terrifying. But does Sully feel the same way?

Between mysterious disappearances, tough questions from camp director Ms. Mischetti, and weekly doses of kickshaw—the strange, druglike morsel that Kivali fears but has come to crave—things get more and more complicated. But Kivali has an escape: her unique ability to channel and explore the power of her animal self. She has Lizard Radio.

Will it be enough to save her?

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Title:Lizard Radio
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.4 of 5 stars (Votes: 693)

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  • Max

    Closer to 4.5 stars than 4, honestly. This book is weird as hell and I love it. The characters are fantastic (especially Kivali herself), the prose and narrative style are pitch-perfect, and the gende...

  • Kelly

    This wasn't my usual read but I enjoyed in because it was so different. It's a dystopia, set in a near-future world with a powerful government that forces teens to be made into conforming adults. It's...

  • Layla

    Do you want to read a dystopian novel with a genderqueer protagonist who may or may not be part lizard? If this sounds like something you didn’t know you wanted, Lizard Radio is the book for you.It...

  • Becky

    Interesting characters, but poor world-building, this works better as a camp story than a dystopian in a lot of ways. I'm still not sure exactly what Lizard Radio is... this book had me thinking "is i...

  • Gremlin

    My bookgroup read this one and I'm sad to say I missed the discussion! So now I'm forced to assess this story on my own (the humanity!). Lizard Radio isn't a story that hands you things - readers have...

  • Asher

    I have never read a book like Lizard Radio. It's uncomfortable, it's fascinating, and it's engaging. It's also confusing, haunting, and heart-breaking. But it's also oddly affirming. So basically, it ...

  • Jordan Funke

    In the future, gender roles are very prescribed, but they don't have to match your biological sex. Kids are tested early and encouraged to transition if they show an affinity for the other gender. Wha...

  • Suzanne Rooyen

    I loved a lot about this book, but I didn't fall for it as hard as I wanted to. I also wanted more out of the ending, which felt a little anticlimactic to me.This book is an excellent example of a sci...

  • S. James

    I am so frustrated with this book because it contains some really good ideas but executes them poorly. There's so little description of the society's context outside this camp that I don't really get ...

  • Wealhtheow

    Teenaged Kivali is ordered to attend a government camp aimed at making her a compliant, group-oriented citizen. While there she struggles between what the camp tells her, what she feels, and what she ...