The Wrong Side Of Love

The Wrong Side Of Love


Coco has her head on straight and is deeply rooted in work and her studies. After breaking up with her manipulator of a boyfriend Trae, all she wants to do is focus on becoming a RN. Things change when the king of Detroit, known as Zeek enters her life. Dealing with Zeek brings some drama to Coco’s life that she never saw coming.

Zeek is the type to get whatever he wants when he wants it and things are no different when he sets his eyes on the young and beautiful Coco. It's hard for Zeek to resist a good girl with a good head on her shoulders, even with him keeping his ex girlfriend Chanel around for his pleasure. When the Feds start sniffing around and things get hectic for Zeek, he realizes one of the women in his life has been working against him.

Although she was labeled the problem child out of her and her sister Coco, all Jayliah really wanted is to be loved. After becoming pregnant young and refusing to have an abortion she was exiled by the very people who had sworn to love her no matter what; her family. Facing motherhood alone, Jayliah quickly realizes all she has is Coco until Tariq works his way into her life. On the brink of her fairy tale ending, Jayliah’s word is shook once again when the father of her child makes a sudden appearance and soon her life starts spiraling out of control.

In this tale of love and deceit people will find out that you can’t trust everyone, especially those closest to you.

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Title:The Wrong Side Of Love
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.2 of 5 stars (Votes: 171)

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    The Wrong Side Of Love Reviews

  • Taz Will

    The author seems to have a theme going when it comes to the men in these, they’re rude, disrespectful and overly cocky. The women all eat it up and go along with whatever no matter how simple-minded...

  • Jasmin Watson

    This book was really good I love Coco and how she was there for her sister. I hate the felt Quadir came back in there life just to bring pain into people life. I felt so bad for Jay and I hope certain...

  • Umeka

    This was a good first draft of "The Wrong Side of Love Book 1." I say first draft because there were a lot of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors that interrupted the flow of the story. There we...

  • Jessika

    Coco and ChanelWhile I was not initially drawn to Zeek's abrasiveness he kind of grew in me. But everything that happened to him was bc he thought he was the King. Hopefully he and CoCo work it out bc...

  • S. McDuffy

    On Edge!!!!!!!!This book had me on edge the entire time I was reading it. This is my first time reading anything by this author. and I am well pleased. I am loving on these characters, and looking for...

  • Bookplugkay

    Shocked At first I thought this was just gonna be a mushy love story with a few twist and turns but no there were straight cover balls like I was expecting none of the shit that has happened to happen...

  • Mattie

    ConfusedI dislike how they played the mouse and cat games. Zeek was hard pillow to swallow but he kept it up and up. Quair was wrong about taking the baby. Part 2...

  • Shronda

    Good bookGreat book.. even though Zeek is a little Thugged out. I hope him and Coco can have a relationship. That ending though. ...

  • M4queen

    Ehhh it was okNormally I really enjoy books from this author. This one just didn't seem to hit the mark. The way Zeek treated Coco was so ignorant and her dumb behind just went with it. It just didn't...

  • sha'kia

    An okay readShort but good. Coco is a workaholic but a rude zeek steps into her life and takes over. Coco ex trae isn't happy with Zeek in her face. Zeek is rude but his swagger his sexy. Jay is a sin...